The Praise of the Second Caliph

This article is the examination of Sermon 228 (227 of the English version) of Nahj al-Balāgha, in which Ibn Abi al-Hadῑd, a prominent seventh century exegete of the Nahj al-Bālagha, strongly argues that the narration of the Imam (A.S.) was in praise of the second caliph, Umar ibn al-Khattāb.

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A Journey of Martyrs to the South of Iran


On a pleasant evening, there was an announcement in the sisters hostel which brought about a breath of joyfulness among the students, causing them to rush to sign their names to register for the Rāhiyān-i-nūr trip. This was an opportunity to travel to junūb, the south of the Iran which shared a border with Iraq, to witness the place of difā’-i-muqaddas (the “holy defence”).

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Pilgrimage to Karbala

Certain names bear a significance that far transcends the particular persons, places, or objects they denote.  A prime example of such a name—arguably, the most outstanding example—is Husayn.

Husayn is more than just the given name of the third imam of the Shia faith.

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Defining Religion


Discussing controversial topics such as religion can be quite beneficial provided all parties involved are searching for the truth with an open mind. Perhaps the reason many debates concerning the usefulness and validity of religion bear no fruit, is due to the lack of agreement on a single definition.

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